Highlights & winning stories

Start story

If ever there was an agency that lived up to its name, it’s Livingroom.

Before we could move into our cheerful offices at JLT we literally worked out of each other’s livingrooms for a whole month, most of the time in our shorts and slippers. Those were exciting times for the core team. We had no business cards. No office telephone. Just a clear vision of where we wanted to take the agency and a bunch of excited guys.

As a matter of fact, when we pitched for Al Waseet our credentials were still being fine-tuned. But that didn’t stop us from winning the region’s largest online and offline classifieds business. We didn’t celebrate. It was too premature as we had a long way to go. We just patted each other on the back and were onto the next pitch, which we also won. But that’s another story…

And Then…

Here’s the sequel as promised. But unlike the Hollywood ones, ours just keeps getting better as the story unfolds.

We started with a rather modest initiative on Head & Shoulders. Call it a test if you’d like. We were on it like a bee on a flower and the result bore testimony to the adage, “Good work sells itself!”

That modest presentation got forwarded from one ABM’s inbox to another at P&G, and before we knew it, we got invited to present on some of the biggest brands in the P&G folio.

In a matter of months, we added Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Old Spice, Braun, Pert, Pantene, Venus and Crest to our cart and have become a preferred P&G supplier.

That’s just on P&G.  Oh yes, we’ve been busy little bees. We got word that TRA (Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) was looking for a creative agency, so we put our hands up to be counted, got briefed, presented and got a deafening round of applause at the end of a presentation. Enough said.

From a round of applause to a mouth full of kisses. The Hersheys account was up for review. A 4-way pitch was called. What do you do with a fun brand like Hersheys? Have a blast with it of course. So how did we do? Let’s put it this way. After we presented we got kisses on our cheeks from the client and Kisses on our portfolio.

When RTA decided to divide their account between companies they sent out tenders to a few shortlisted agencies. Getting onto that shortlist was a win itself for us. We chose one RTA campaign that we felt we could add value to, lived with it for a few weeks and sealed the tender envelope. A few weeks later we got word that we had won that particular campaign, and were also briefed on another RTA initiative.


The Department of Economic Development (DED) was another government entity that liked what Livingroom was offering. Not just from a creative perspective but also for our knowledge of the UAE market and understanding of Emirati culture.

Again, we started with creating one campaign for Dubai SME (an entity of DED), which resonated well among our Emirati audience. This campaign gave DED the confidence to entrust Livingroom with the communication of all its other entities.

While we’re on sharing stories, here’s an interesting one. Butane Industrial Group, a huge Iranian brand was scouting for an agency. They contacted Livingroom, and scheduled a meeting a week after we had officially opened our office. It was our first client meeting in our new premises. Boy where we excited. However the graphics on our walls were not yet mounted. Excitement turned to anxiety. We were literally breathing down the necks of the digital printer. Time flew, so did a few tempers. The clock struck 3am. The masterpiece was complete. Thinking back, it was worth every irritation. The client loved what they saw and heard from our conversations that they decided not to call for a pitch and handed over the account to us.

Talking about Livingroom making good first impressions, Dubai One is another great example. The TV Channel was launching its prime time slot – 9pm movies and gave us a shot at it. Work on it we did, in full zest, after all it’s a subject close to all our hearts. And while in the middle of an exhaustive brainstorming session the concept was slapping us on our faces to recognise it. We spotted it, the apostrophe in the Dubai One logo. Eureka! We cracked the launch and were on air with Dubai One.
Of course, we could tell you about the other accounts that we are waiting to sign up, but why ruin a perfect opportunity for another sequel…

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