I’m a PIRATE….


“Dear copyright industry, I’m a pirate. I’m the typical user you are fighting. I’m downloading everything and not giving you one single penny. I don’t even attend concert. You hate me and it’s reciprocal…”

We’re all Pirates…and it’s not gonna change.

And this is a ‘Pirated’ bit. check the full story here.


Nice animation of Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Bluebird”.

There’s a blue bird inside us all.

Charles Bukowski’s poem “The Bluebird,”

there’s a bluebird in my heart that 
wants to get out 
but I’m too tough for him, 
I say, stay in there, I’m not going 
to let anybody see
there’s a bluebird in my heart that 
wants to get out 
but I pour whiskey on him and inhale 
cigarette smoke 
and the whores and the bartenders
 and the grocery clerks 
never know that 
in there.

there’s a bluebird in my heart that 
wants to get out 
but I’m too tough for him, 
I say,
 stay down, do you want to mess 
me up?
 you want to screw up the 
 you want to blow my book sales in 
there’s a bluebird in my heart that 
wants to get out 
but I’m too clever, I only let him out
 at night sometimes 
when everybody’s asleep. 
I say, I know that you’re there,
 so don’t be 
 then I put him back, 
but he’s singing a little
 in there, I haven’t quite let him
and we sleep together like 
with our
secret pact 
and it’s nice enough to
 make a man
 weep, but I don’t 
weep, do

Oh, the Places You’ll Go…

Based on Dr. Seuss’s final book before his death, this is a story about life’s ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011.

Beautiful words…beautiful people! Click to enjoy.

The GOOSE, The BAT and the UGLY

“They hate you.

All Agencies hate you!

What have you done?

They hear ‘Livingroom’  and they fume in anger!”

mentioned a well-connected friend, few days back.


“That’s what I call a compliment…a great one.

A tribute to a one-year-old company, obsessed with changing the rules of the advertising game”

I said.


I wouldn’t have hoped for better.





So Dinosaurs hate us….why wouldn’t they:

We’re not another clone. We will never be one.

Their best talents are flirting with us.

Their clients are seeking us.

We know them inside out whilst they don’t have a clue about our core values and the way we operate.

We’re playing it fair and winning pitches right left and center with a success rate they dream of.

And, we’re doing that humbly without shouting it off the roofs.

We’re the orange sheep standing out of the herd.

We’re the UGLY

And proud to be.





…And if you’re wondering about the GOOSE and the BAT,

it’s our latest great win in an 9-way pitch involving the ‘biggest’ and ‘mightiest’,

and this, I am sure, will fuel their “hate”.

So keep hating…

It’s our greatest pleasure.


“that’s the brief…can we please see something tomorrow!”


Creativity doesn’t need time.

It’s what comes out given the right state of mind, a bit of playfulness and lots of imagination…But this is definitely a factor of time.

We’ve all used so many tactics to buy ourselves few more days and sometime few more hours…

Are you out of excuses? Here is a new one to share with every client who requires his stuff ‘the soonest’


A Year Ago….

A year ago…that’s when it all started.

Everything else ended on that day.

A bunch of dreamers, set to change the way the industry works.

A bunch of risk-takers, set to overcome status-quos and recessions.

A passionate few, set to challenge Bureaucracy, Systems, Egos and Dinosaurs.

We knew it was going to be very hard.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t.

It was a joy ride. And it’s still going on.

We started with No clients; We’re currently sharing great moments with 30 partners…. and still counting.

We started the operations with 12 risk takers; We’re now surrounded by 32 unique talents…and more are seeking us every day.

We started working from our living rooms; we’re now spread in 2 beautiful offices, Dubai & KSA.

We started unknown; We’re now apparently hated by all agencies… & we love it.

We didn’t do any PR; We still don’t.

How did we do that?

My take on it would be those few principles we believed in:

  • Set the right goal. And make sure it’s not about money.
  • Seduce the best talents, irrespective of costs.
  • Behave humbly & stay down to earth.
  • Dream big & take risks.
  • Multitask. Do things you’ve never done before…once a month.
  • Unlearn clichés & challenge set rules.
  • Don’t attempt to change people. Good ones will adapt.
  • Take tough decisions. Fix and move forward quickly.
  • Follow your gut feeling. You’ll be right 90% of the time. Don’t worry about the 10%, it’s the needed mistakes you’ll learn from.
  • Get the chicken before the egg.
  • Don’t lose sleep over matters. It’s energy wasted.
  • Don’t be too materialistic. Money is a result of things well done.
  • Be grateful.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Set the right goal. And make sure it’s not about the money.

It’s been a great year. Everyone’s contributed. Everyone should be proud.

And to think, we’re just getting started!

Cheers to Livingroom and Happy 1st Anniversary…

“This part of the world”

“I am not sure it will work in this part of the world…”

The next time I hear this comment, again, I may commit an offense.

An offense I will enjoy so much.

An offense that will relieve this built up frustration I have been accumulating for a while now.

“This part of the world’ is not a ‘location’ anymore…it has become an ‘excuse’.

An excuse for people not to push the limits of creativity…

An excuse for complacency and copycats…

An excuse to cover mediocrity…

An excuse to accept facts and stop fighting for what we believe in…

An excuse that is tagging us and our region as ‘boring followers’.

The communication world has evolved but we’re somehow stuck a decade ago.

I look around and everyone “seems” to be embracing change and preaching right left and center about the need to evolve.

And with the sudden proliferation of self-proclaimed ‘Social Media’ experts you would think this region should be at top levels of innovation.

But the reality is different.

What we are seeing beyond conventional media is copies of ideas developed abroad… years ago! Be it piano stairs, airport flash mobs, 3D mapping…and the list goes on and on.

And what worries me the most is that the culprits are so oblivious to this reality that they shamelessly brag, tag, like, share and Tweet their “original” ideas…


What went wrong?

What is stopping us from innovating?

Why aren’t we leading on big ideas?

Why are we importing rather than exporting?

Why the mediocrity?

What is stopping our creative minds to push the limits beyond comfort zones?

Is it the lack of time?

Are we too involved in day-to-day briefs and always anxious to meet deadlines?

Is it the client or the limitations he sets?

Is it the lack of expertise or knowledge?

I don’t think so. These are excuses mediocre people hide behind to cover the absence of genius.

It’s rather a ‘state of mind’ issue. This is where change needs to happen.

What we lack is continuous dreamers, researchers, untamed spirits, brave people who push boundaries and always try to understand how things work.

These days, we can afford to dream. Almost everything can be done. Technology has become so awesome that no excuses are allowed.

And this region doesn’t lack dreamers… They just lack proper guidance…and Inspiration.

In a world dominated by “dinosaurs”, how can untamed minds flourish?

Creative mentors have been around for so long now. And they’re so self absorbed in their TVCs, Prints, Lynx, Cannes, Crystals, Egos that it’s directly affecting and reshaping fresh minds.

When out of the top 10 ‘most influencers’ media persons of the year, one or two (and I owe them respect) are under 50, how do you expect an effective metamorphosis?

Dinosaurs…take a step back. It’s not about you changing or adapting anymore. Its about giving way to fresh new blood. Untamed minds. Let new ‘states of minds” flourish.

Young creatives. Look at what’s out there. Not to copy, but to get inspired.

Learn new techniques. Hang out with true Social media experts (best way to do it is online).

Challenge your clients. They will love that.

Challenge your agency. They might not love that, but keep doing it.

Be brave. Understand. Fight. Convince.

And you can do that alone. What matters is to have the right state of mind. and you don’t need ageing mentors for that.

Your audience has taken the reigns of things.

They are your judges, and they are mean.

They want to be surprised in every single possible way.

Your audience is in touch with the world. They’ve seen Piano stairs, Flashmobs and 3D mapping.

They’re difficult to impress. They want something new.

Your audience is speaking out loud. They are shaping their countries, their worlds.

She is driving.

They are doing things they never thought of doing few years back.

They are redefining ‘This part of the world”.

Respect that…

…and start doing things you never thought you could do few years back.

It’s your opportunity to turn ‘This part of the world’ from an ‘excuse to mediocrity’, to a ‘synonym of Inspiration and greatness’.

You have no excuses.

Suits you?

I’ve always had a huge reservation (‘hate’ would be the right word) on two things in our industry:

Suits (the jacket-pants-tie thing) and Labels (the Title they force on you)

The Suit…your ‘tool to sell’. This thing that takes over your identity, on your first day.

‘Where’s the suit? Call the suit! We need him in this meeting!’.

God knows how allergic I was to this sentence, that used to echo in the creative department corridors.

I never wore one…and never will. So you can imagine the looks, the emails, the memos, the top to bottom one-eyed glances I actually managed to absorb during my 15 or so years in this industry, and kept myself immune to!

What’s with The ‘Suit’?

  • If its mere existence is to physically differentiate ‘Creative’ people from ‘Client servicing’ people, then I have nothing to add except that its just another ‘Dinosaur’ sign. One advise: You might as well tag your employees…works better and costs them less!
  • If it is to impress Clients, well don’t be fooled. Clients are actually more interested in what you have to say than in what you are wearing.  They will buy your idea if you’re in shorts and slippers but will never buy your nonsense because you’re all ‘Boss-ed’ up!
  • If it is about giving your agency a professional look, I have to admit, it does… The stiff look of a law firm!…Sounds like fun.

This can drag for a while but I guess you got the point.

The Label…Client Servicing: an ‘off –brief’, par excellence!

I guess whoever came up with this title, actually had in mind ‘Client Serving’…put nicely!

What’s with ‘Client servicing’?

And why get stuck with such boring and irrelevant Label? Does it really define what we do?

One thing for sure…it goes in pair with The Suit!

And don’t get me started on the endless ‘sub titles’, the Account executive, Account Manager, Account Supervisor and the list goes on and on and on, beyond departments and beyond reason!

OK so you got my point. I am not comfortable around suits and titles. They describe best what I always rebelled against:

Bureaucracy – Egos and Systems and most importantly, This big heavy weight that holds you from moving forward and quickly adapting to change.

This same heavy weight feeling that pushed me and a select few out of the Dinosaur’s realm and gave us the confidence to start up this Suit-less and Label-less place.

It feels good.

We’re having fun.

Bending the rules

Changing the game

Looking at things differently in a more simple, agile and honest way

While surrounding ourselves with exclusive top talented people.


If you’re tired of egos, systems, politics, mediocrity, department splits and regular early morning to past midnight hours…

If you’re spending your time and money on suits…

If you’re sick of labels, feeling ‘detached’

If  the first thing you check in the morning is your ‘leave your ego outside’ sign on the door of your office/cubical….

Then keep an open eye on us….

We may have something that suits you…:)