The ‘Socialmediazation’ Of Life

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“You should tweet that!”

You’ve probably received this advice from someone in response to something you said; something admittedly not as profound as your friend made it seem. It’s only normal to ask someone to tweet what they just said, of course. It’s akin to the knee-jerk reflex when the doctor taps your tendon with a hammer.

“You should tweet that!” That’s the new, natural ending to a conversation. That’s evolution, baby.


Your napkin sits lightly on your lap. Crumbs on the table tell of your skirmishes with the bread sticks and butter. In your peripheral vision you spot the waiter approaching with a tray. You turn to your friends to express your joy about the food’s arrival.

But then,

As the waiter comes closer, three out of the four people at the table have already pulled out their phones to Instagram their plates. It’s the new saying grace, the new “بسم الله” before you eat.


Were you at the Metallica concert? Did you check in on Foursquare? Did you then upload photos of yourself to Facebook, standing in a sea of ebbing humanity, with the stage (and maybe even James Hetfield) behind you, miles away, the size of a pinhead?

If you did, then inspect those photos for a moment. Inspect the background, notice smart phone screens in the air as hundreds, thousands (who’s counting, right?) of people are taking videos of the concert with one hand as the other hand flashes the sign of the horn.

Your photos document this convergence of an outdated “heavy metal” hand gesture with the more contemporary addiction to documentation.

An addiction to the ‘socialmediazation’ of life.

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Kik it, Vine it, upload it to YouTube. Or pin it, GIF it, tag it, share it. Send it out like a ripple; a digital echo diffusing into the vast virtual space. It’s all exhibitionists and voyeurs out there. Feed them.

But when you’re finished, right before your phone battery runs out, or just as your dried-up eyes start begging you to go to sleep, ask yourself these:

Were you really there in that moment? Did you ‘experience’ it?

Or were you too busy reporting it to the internet? Did you really want to be there, or did you just want to be able to say you were there; to show off  how much life you’re living? Did you feel anything or were you too preoccupied with publishing the fun you were ‘having’?

Come back. The moment needs you.


PS: At a public art exhibition on JBR two months back, a lovely European violinist performed on the sidewalk in a flowing red dress, her melancholic melodies riding on the night’s lazy seaside breeze. As people passed by, they snapped photos or took videos of this rare presence. They stood there just long enough for the photo/video before moving on to the next ‘thing’. No one stopped to actually listen or watch her perform.

Small things matter



Small, simple things are sometimes the most impactful.

This is a great example. It’s gone viral like crazy. And it’s only about a hug when you need one.

Simple and Beautiful

Give a hug


I’m a PIRATE….


“Dear copyright industry, I’m a pirate. I’m the typical user you are fighting. I’m downloading everything and not giving you one single penny. I don’t even attend concert. You hate me and it’s reciprocal…”

We’re all Pirates…and it’s not gonna change.

And this is a ‘Pirated’ bit. check the full story here.

Don’t ask for permission, beg for forgiveness.

That’s what most apps that attach themselves to your accounts do.

So, clean up your apps permissions on this site below.

The New World by GOOD + Fiat.

A nice little campaign from Fiat in collaboration with GOOD. Here’s why I like it:

1. It’s simple
2. It’s laying out the values of Fiat as a progressive company for progressive people
3. It’s interesting and entertaining and engaging
4. It kept me on the site for longer than 1 minute.

Check it out.


What a cool website. It’s for an experimental art gallery, which is itself a very cool thing to be :-)

The state of the internet right now.

Did you know that there are 1.97 billion Internet users worldwide? Check out this cool infographic for other interesting internet facts.

Move over Google, here comes Qooqle.

“Web 4.0 is about making connections, about serendipity and about the network taking initiative”. Read more here. And watch Qooqle in action here.



The burning house

Foster Huntington’s project started with him posting a picture of the things he would take with him if his house were burning. He then reached out to friends and acquaintances asking them to submit a photo and list of items.

‘If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question.’

What would you take with you?

Have a look at this brilliant idea here.

Follow Foster on Twitter

– Check out his blog


“Easy, social, online volunteering for busy people.” is the world’s first microvolunteering network. ‘ It’s an entirely *online* form of volunteering that allows you to lend your professional skills whenever and wherever you have time.’

Basically, the platform helps connecting (talented professionals) volunteers with a huge number of nonprofits that need design, branding, and copy writing help *Like!*

Sign up and get started here.