In 60 seconds

A lot of things happen around the web every 60 seconds!

A great infographic by Shanghai web designers – Will definitely come in handy to use in presentations.

Subway map of Microsoft’s acquisitions and investments

A neat project and infographic by Robin Richards (@ripetungi, Design Director at JESS3) that lists of all Microsoft’s acquisitions and investments – represented in a detailed subway map (yes, the map is updated and the latest Skype acquisition is on there!).

In a nutshell:

[An] Infographic showing the acquisitions and investments of Microsoft, done as a tube map with each coloured line representing a different industry for each acquisition or investment.  Where the stations meet is where the two industries overlap.  The key at the bottom displays information about the location on the map of the station (company) the year of acquisition or investment.’

Have a look at the full size image here

The Sunday Times’ Social List

‘Social media users will no longer have to guess blindly who among them is the Number One social networker. UK-based newspaper the Sunday Times has unveiled “The Social List”, which determines a social networker’s “worth” through an algorithm designed to calculate social media across four major sites: Twitter, Facebok, LinkedIn, and Foursquare.’

As described on the site:

‘The Sunday Times Social List determines your wealth, not by how much money you make but by how rich you are socially. It does this by taking a look at your social networking activity and how much interest it generates amongst your friends and colleagues. It then uses this information to work out your worth and your place on the list.

[…] Once a day the system counts up your social networking activity (as well as your friends and colleagues’ responses to it) and assigns points to each interaction. The more you do and the more interactions you have, the more socially wealthy you’ll become.’

Join the Social List here

Social flights

A hint at the future of air travel or another Groupon/LivingSocial/GoNabit concept – with a twist? A hype?

Basically, Social Flights taps into your (most popular) social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook) and allows you to organize flights on private jets with a group of your friends. The trip can cost as little as $400 a person, depending on the luxuriousness of the plane, the number of passengers and the destination. People can also hop on a flight with strangers that has unfilled seats; these jaunts can cost as little as $150 each way.

Why use Social flights?

How does it work?

Learn more about Social flights and sign up here


SoundAffects is an experiential project by Parsons The New School for Design. We’re turning everyday things from weather and traffic to color and motion, into their own musical sounds. SoundAffects is a ten-day musical and visual exploration that could change the way we think about our cities.’

Definitely worth spending some time playing around on the visualizer page – But don’t miss out on the ‘Experiments‘, there are some really interesting/fun things happening there as well.

The burning house

Foster Huntington’s project started with him posting a picture of the things he would take with him if his house were burning. He then reached out to friends and acquaintances asking them to submit a photo and list of items.

‘If your house was burning, what would you take with you? It’s a conflict between what’s practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would take reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question.’

What would you take with you?

Have a look at this brilliant idea here.

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– Check out his blog


“Easy, social, online volunteering for busy people.” is the world’s first microvolunteering network. ‘ It’s an entirely *online* form of volunteering that allows you to lend your professional skills whenever and wherever you have time.’

Basically, the platform helps connecting (talented professionals) volunteers with a huge number of nonprofits that need design, branding, and copy writing help *Like!*

Sign up and get started here.

Putting some sense into FB

An on-going series of concepts to improve Facebook – by Youssef Sarhan.

*Made me smile* – Yo Zuck! Some ideas should (really) be taken seriously.

Check it out here.

The multiple sclerosis journey

This is probably the first project of its kind, brought to you by Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Italy.

This new site is about raising awareness about multiple sclerosis (specifically what every patient goes through) and the story unfolds… In the URL bar!

Check it out here, and click on the right arrow to start reading.

Tweet topic explorer: what do people actually tweet about?

The Tweet topic explorer is a bubble chart illustrating the most popular themes discussed by a specific user-chosen Twitter account.

In a nutshell:

‘This tool retrieves recent tweets from the given ID and displays the most common words in those tweets (using word cluster diagrams). The area of the circles is proportional to word frequency. Words that are most often used together are grouped and given the same color. It also shows the other twitter users that are mentioned most frequently in their tweets.’

– Check out the Tweet topic explorer here

– More information about the project and its author available here