We like…we don’t like.




Being the ‘not another dinosaur’ agency, its in our DNA to be playful and do things differently.

But our principles are set & sacred.

One thing’s for sure, we respect other agencies.

That’s where we all graduated from.

We owe them for where we are today.

Without them we wouldn’t be here under the same Livingroom roof.

We speak our minds without reservations but within the boundaries of ETHICS.

We allow ourselves to criticize…constructively.

What’s out there in terms of communication is pushing us to do so.

We see Art and Bullshit every day.

We see Big ideas and ‘Reclame’ everywhere.

We want to talk about them.

We will praise what we believe is worthy

We will trash what we believe is mediocre and doesn’t deserve to see the light of day.

We’re not pretentious and we know that this will definitely not improve the communication landscape,

But at least we will release some of our frustrations and hope to get you on board to release some of yours as well.

Smooch or Noose is our next activity.



We will select every once in a while a campaign that caught our attention. We will Smooch it…or Noose it.

So watch this space.

And before starting with others, we will start with ourselves.

Here is Some of our work… let us know which ones deserve your Smooch and which are doomed to your Noose.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Let’s Live…

Brands live in an era where the conversation is constantly evolving.

And the consumer is controlling the megaphone.

Consider this carefully then.

Should your brand still be speaking in cavemanic?

Or pursuing a near extinction thought process?

We don’t think so.

That’s why we believe in not being another dinosaur.

We are led by talent.

Motivated by honesty.

Fascinated by new technology.

Obsessed with the conversation.

And don’t believe in waiting for the future but rather in creating it.

We live so that brands can.

Let’s live. 

Small things matter



Small, simple things are sometimes the most impactful.

This is a great example. It’s gone viral like crazy. And it’s only about a hug when you need one.

Simple and Beautiful

Give a hug


I’m a PIRATE….


“Dear copyright industry, I’m a pirate. I’m the typical user you are fighting. I’m downloading everything and not giving you one single penny. I don’t even attend concert. You hate me and it’s reciprocal…”

We’re all Pirates…and it’s not gonna change.

And this is a ‘Pirated’ bit. check the full story here.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go…

Based on Dr. Seuss’s final book before his death, this is a story about life’s ups and downs, told by the people of Burning Man 2011.

Beautiful words…beautiful people! Click to enjoy.

The GOOSE, The BAT and the UGLY

“They hate you.

All Agencies hate you!

What have you done?

They hear ‘Livingroom’  and they fume in anger!”

mentioned a well-connected friend, few days back.


“That’s what I call a compliment…a great one.

A tribute to a one-year-old company, obsessed with changing the rules of the advertising game”

I said.


I wouldn’t have hoped for better.





So Dinosaurs hate us….why wouldn’t they:

We’re not another clone. We will never be one.

Their best talents are flirting with us.

Their clients are seeking us.

We know them inside out whilst they don’t have a clue about our core values and the way we operate.

We’re playing it fair and winning pitches right left and center with a success rate they dream of.

And, we’re doing that humbly without shouting it off the roofs.

We’re the orange sheep standing out of the herd.

We’re the UGLY

And proud to be.





…And if you’re wondering about the GOOSE and the BAT,

it’s our latest great win in an 9-way pitch involving the ‘biggest’ and ‘mightiest’,

and this, I am sure, will fuel their “hate”.

So keep hating…

It’s our greatest pleasure.


“that’s the brief…can we please see something tomorrow!”


Creativity doesn’t need time.

It’s what comes out given the right state of mind, a bit of playfulness and lots of imagination…But this is definitely a factor of time.

We’ve all used so many tactics to buy ourselves few more days and sometime few more hours…

Are you out of excuses? Here is a new one to share with every client who requires his stuff ‘the soonest’