The Human Attention Span

Keeping anyone’s attention online is getting harder and harder. Video that are anywhere between 60-90 seconds are considered a nightmare. 

To keep your audience’s attention, your content needs to get right to it, no more teasers and build ups, the reality is, no one has the time for it. 

Check out this infographic below, the numbers may depress you.

to summarize, before I lose you:

  • Average attention span is 8 SECONDS…8…which is shorter than a goldfish
  • Average time you spend on your phone scrolling away is 3 hours, 16 minutes a day
  • When visiting a website you will read on average up to 20% of the content…28% if you’re lucky

This means:

  • Your message should be clear, short and sweet, accessible (easy to find, it’s not a treasure hunt!)
  • Rich rich rich rich media and nothing but rich media, few are those who want to read