Peter Pan Syndrome

There’s nothing wrong and there’s nothing nicer than seeing the humor in everything. More importantly, in our line of work, it should be mandatory as it not only can act as a seed to a great idea, but can also keep you from blowing your brains out.

The best thing is when you’re fortunate enough to be with colleagues who are at the same wavelength as yourself. From a conversation/situation that starts from nothing, you find yourselves rolling on your backs from a scenario that you just created.

Not only is the “what” important, but also the “who”…..

Baddak Bateekha aw mawze hal marra?

What a beautiful sight it is to see department heads rolling up their sleeves and rolling back their years while mocking each other over a game of foosball.

Hearing the same excuses we used to make when we were 15 years old to escape a defeat and coming up with new ways to get on people’s nerves, there’s nothing nicer than seeing the kid inside a grown up come out.

Truly, those 5 minutes can revive your day.

It’s important to let loose and let go, it’s important to let the kid inside of you come out from time to time, it’s important to live young.

Little steps and WOW!

Photograph: Stuart O’Sullivan

Some of my friends and colleagues often joke about my reaction to things. It’s not rare to hear me exclaim wow! when a designer shows me a thing of beauty or when another creative comes up with a great idea. The fact is that these little thoughts / ideas / designs – no matter how small and where they come from – are rare little pieces of brilliance and creativity. They might solve a problem (big or small) or connect people or concepts, or just make the world a more beautiful and better place.

I am a champion of creativity and open mindedness. I love and support the creative process and connecting previously unconnected ideas together. I believe the result is a small step to humankinds’ improvement. And todays’ economy is powered by this creation and innovation. This is what WordPress and Tumblr and Blogging and Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest and Google+ and Youtube and Smartphones (you get my drift!) are all about. They get people designing, creating, solving and then sharing.

I read something yesterday – I cant remember who said it or where I read it (so sorry about the lack of attribution) but it was something like “if we honestly seek to change ourselves or our condition just 1% each day, that’s 365% of change in a year”.

So, here’s to more WOW! moments, living consciously and changing our condition and the world positively.