“Everyone is replaceable”, you said?

I’ve always been the rebel at the forefront of employee causes, raises, corporate freedom.

I fought wars.

I challenged CEOs.

I initiated petitions and brought back ‘fired’ Talents against management’s will.

I was hated and respected by people, depending which side they were on.

Then one day, I became ‘Management’,

and I was given the answer to all issues,

…the magic formula management lives by,

…The ‘secret’ transmitted by one management generation to the other,

…the ultimate advice:

‘now that you are taking a new role, always keep in mind that everyone is replaceable’

I was shocked.

How could anyone praise their ‘assets’ at every public occasion and live by that formula behind closed doors.

I was never convinced and never learned that.

I couldn’t make the leap.

I was considered the black sheep of ‘management’.

Whilst management always praised that ‘people were their biggest assets’, they were still convinced that clients were the source of revenue, which put Talent as a major source of ‘expense’.

My constant debate was that our Talents were in fact our main source of revenue and that they deserved much more in return.

I was treated as an idealistic, a dreamer, a naïve people’s person… an obstacle.

Talents don’t join companies for money, name, location, medical insurance or even client lists. Employees do.

Talents are on the constant look out for a company with an amazing Spirit and true genuine Beliefs.

A place that offers endless possibilities to actually achieve what they have in mind.

An honest place where the formula applied behind closed doors is actually the same one shouted out loud in company gatherings.

The moment the Spirit & Belief appear fake…

The moment they realize they are as valuable as a replaceable spare part…

Their strong feeling of belonging fades away.

The more time I spend doing what I do, the more my beliefs in Talents are reinforced.

The more hours I spend talking to Talents, the more I know I am not a dreamer or an ‘obstacle’.

The more job interviews I make, the more I realize that Talents are rare.

Talents are irreplaceable.

Everything else is.

I always said it. I keep saying it. And I will always live by it.

2 Comments on ““Everyone is replaceable”, you said?”

  1. jalden says:

    Reblogged this on J is for Jamie and commented:
    I came across this blog several months ago and absolutely loved it. Having worked at a handful of agencies in my career, I can attest that this management mindset is unfortunately prevalent. By no means is every business owner or agency principal this way—but those who are could greatly benefit by reading this post.
    There is a great difference between working for someone and working with them, between believing in the company you work for and just showing up for the paycheck.

  2. […] came across this blog post by Not Another Dinosaur several months ago and absolutely loved it. Having worked at a handful of agencies in my career, I […]

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