Unhealthy Body, Healthy mind…Smooch or Noose?

I’ve never been a health freak,

But I know what is healthy and what is not…and I’ve indulged of the ‘not healthy’ for so long.

I’ve never been an ad guru,

But I feel what is a good communication and what is not…and I’ve been indulgent to the ‘not so good’ for so long.

I can tolerate cheaply produced ads.

I can even accept flat communication…sometimes there is a reason for that.

But what I will never tolerate is irrelevant communication.

I’ve been seeing this bridge banner, every day for the past week.

And every time, I tried to remain positive to find a logical link.

So I checked it again online.

And here is the idea:

We’re a fast food brand. We sell ‘deep fried’ chicken…..and we love Children.

And we care for their education

So we’re organizing an event to help raise money for their education.

And since we have a spicy variant, this makes us:

“All Fired Up to help educate Children”.

The flames in the over cluttered layout are spot on..they are related to their ‘hot & spicy Zinger taste’ (check the bottom left corner, around their ’30 years’ icon).

The name ‘KFC Bucket run’ definitely makes sense since it promotes the large size family meal.

The mini promotion on the left side is pure genius since it pushes you to buy a Bucket and share it with friends…of course because sharing is caring!

The rewards listed are tempting. A trophy, free meals, free gifts and the list goes on and on.

So what’s not to like!

And to prove that the campaign is a success, check their 300K FB likes (which of course are pushed by the genius ‘Click and win a free meal’ hook)

Well done guys! you just crossed the line to beyond irrelevant.

If you’ve been told that these are the ingredients that make a good ‘community initiative’….get a second opinion.

If you really want to do something for Children, then maybe introducing ‘fat free’, ‘skin free’ or ‘Fried with grape seed oil’ variants should have been the answer to your brief.

And if you care about their education that much, you should have been challenged and reminded of ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’

The main issue is that this communication is forced.

I am sure something went wrong somewhere. Having been around for ’30 years’ comes after all with maturity and community understanding.

What happened here?

I’ve had my share of KFC buckets and it’s the ‘Unhealthy’ i like. Pleasure and sin goes sometimes hand in hand.

What annoys me in this communication is the ‘irrelevance’.

A boring ‘Cleaner Dubai’, an expected ‘Plastic-free week’ or even a free ‘play area for kids’ initiative would have gotten a better review.

I’ll stop here and wish you Good Luck with your event.

I bet we’ll see lots of empty buckets and filled bellies on Feb 24th.

Definitely a ‘Noose’.

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