Learning to question authority.

Learning to question authority and the status quo is not something we are born with, it is honed over time, and certain cultures are more inclined to question authority than others. It is a product of our relationship with our parents, teachers and other symbols of authority around us. For some, it is un-taught from an early age.

Yesterday my little boy was showing off his slick new moves in the School playground gym. But we play knowing that we’re breaking school rules by playing on the equipment after hours.

So when the supervisor showed up, instead of just walking away, I instead decided to question authority and ask about the logic behind why we couldn’t play a little longer. I taught my son to go up and question WHY? Hopefully something he will carry with him through life. Teaching younger generations to question the status quo is important if we want to build a better world and fix some of the inherent problems in our system.

In a business sense, questioning the status quo helps to enhance product development, brand development, communication, customer service. It fosters an innovative company culture which helps to ensure continued improvements and relevancy.

Question everything.


“that’s the brief…can we please see something tomorrow!”


Creativity doesn’t need time.

It’s what comes out given the right state of mind, a bit of playfulness and lots of imagination…But this is definitely a factor of time.

We’ve all used so many tactics to buy ourselves few more days and sometime few more hours…

Are you out of excuses? Here is a new one to share with every client who requires his stuff ‘the soonest’