A Year Ago….

A year ago…that’s when it all started.

Everything else ended on that day.

A bunch of dreamers, set to change the way the industry works.

A bunch of risk-takers, set to overcome status-quos and recessions.

A passionate few, set to challenge Bureaucracy, Systems, Egos and Dinosaurs.

We knew it was going to be very hard.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t.

It was a joy ride. And it’s still going on.

We started with No clients; We’re currently sharing great moments with 30 partners…. and still counting.

We started the operations with 12 risk takers; We’re now surrounded by 32 unique talents…and more are seeking us every day.

We started working from our living rooms; we’re now spread in 2 beautiful offices, Dubai & KSA.

We started unknown; We’re now apparently hated by all agencies… & we love it.

We didn’t do any PR; We still don’t.

How did we do that?

My take on it would be those few principles we believed in:

  • Set the right goal. And make sure it’s not about money.
  • Seduce the best talents, irrespective of costs.
  • Behave humbly & stay down to earth.
  • Dream big & take risks.
  • Multitask. Do things you’ve never done before…once a month.
  • Unlearn clichés & challenge set rules.
  • Don’t attempt to change people. Good ones will adapt.
  • Take tough decisions. Fix and move forward quickly.
  • Follow your gut feeling. You’ll be right 90% of the time. Don’t worry about the 10%, it’s the needed mistakes you’ll learn from.
  • Get the chicken before the egg.
  • Don’t lose sleep over matters. It’s energy wasted.
  • Don’t be too materialistic. Money is a result of things well done.
  • Be grateful.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Set the right goal. And make sure it’s not about the money.

It’s been a great year. Everyone’s contributed. Everyone should be proud.

And to think, we’re just getting started!

Cheers to Livingroom and Happy 1st Anniversary…

9 Comments on “A Year Ago….”

  1. AbuSyma says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Wish you all the best for the coming years! Well done :)

  2. BK says:

    There’s disruption happening all around the world (Occupy Wall Street, the Arab Spring, the European riots), and in our own way Livingroom is also ushering in a new era in the way businesses and corporations work. And we’re having fun and lots of laughs too. What a pleasure :)

  3. Nisreen says:

    HApppppppppy Birthday to Livingroom…. what a year!!!!

  4. Altaf says:

    Happy Birthday to LR !!!! Wish you all the best for the coming years !!!

  5. Rashid says:

    Happy Birthday to LR & LR Team
    Best Wishes for LR & LR Team Captains

    Keep on making efforts and we will soon discover obstacles vanishing off.

    When it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened.

    All powers are within you, you can do anything and everything.

  6. Bon Anniversaire a toute l’equipe de LivingRoom.
    Bon courage pour les annees a venir

  7. Marts says:

    No way, has it been a year already? Guess what they say is true, time flies when you’re having fun.

    Happy 1st, and here’s to countless more. Let get this party started!

  8. ruel sunga says:

    Well said, well done and more to come- Thumbs Up!!!! Happy 1st Anniversary to LivingRoom-

    Ruel- the T-REX

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