Those two words

July 1st was my 3rd anniversary in this industry. Over these years, I have talked to many people whom have walked down the same path as myself and all I heard from many were words of discouragement/disappointment and complaints.


“We need this done ASAP”

“Have this finalized by tomorrow”

“Do this”

“Do that”

“Brief in, brief out”

Many consider them selves treated as slaves and are simply fed up with their over demanding clients and I realized all I was looking at were whinny soft skinned children.


Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, what’s in it for me?”

Advertising is not an industry you can be in to simply earn a paycheck (and comparing that to other industries, its peanuts). But if one does so, they will end up having the same opinion as the above-mentioned people because they simply wont understand that it’s not the clients that are needy, instead it’s the competition that’s stiff.

Granted, advertising does have its downs, such as every other industry or aspect in life for that matter. People may think that the grass is greener on the other side, but once they cross, they’ll just realize it was their greediness playing tricks on them.

It’s a tough industry to be in, not because it is hard to learn or complicated, but because it’s demanding, especially when you’re in a start up agency.


The harder you work = the less employees your company needs = that much more money thrown to the profit section.

There are hardly room for errors, mistakes, or any of the “oops” moments.

Sleeves must stay rolled up and that fire inside of you lit to the maximum.

Good day, bad day, sunny day, rainy day……it doesn’t matter, you got to be on top of your game, because second chances are just as frequent as snow in the UAE (real snow, not that fake stuff inside a mall).

They say the best investment a person can make is investing in them selves, so throw yourself out their, suffer a bit, but the experience you gain will be all worth it.

You will go through sleepless nights, weekend-less weeks and days that don’t seem to end.

But it’s rewarding, it’s satisfying and it’s all worth it once you receive that phone call, that SMS or email that includes those two words “Thank You”.

A sign of gratitude or appreciation from your client for your involvement in a successful campaign can do the trick to remind you just why the hell you’re in this industry.

After all, hard work never killed anyone.

5 Comments on “Those two words”

  1. sensitivemind says:

    Nice one. Hard work will get you everywhere.

  2. Antonio says:

    You say hard work never killed anyone? You did not work hard enough then. You have to work smart to enjoy your job and you life. Working hard will get you nothing.

    • Omar says:

      Although that’s not the point of this article, your comment seems subjective (although i do agree with you on working smart). But if hard work is going to kill me, I’d rather turn it down a notch….I love what I do, but not that much.

  3. The Bouss says:

    You make some valid points. Your views have inspired me.

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