Suits you?

I’ve always had a huge reservation (‘hate’ would be the right word) on two things in our industry:

Suits (the jacket-pants-tie thing) and Labels (the Title they force on you)

The Suit…your ‘tool to sell’. This thing that takes over your identity, on your first day.

‘Where’s the suit? Call the suit! We need him in this meeting!’.

God knows how allergic I was to this sentence, that used to echo in the creative department corridors.

I never wore one…and never will. So you can imagine the looks, the emails, the memos, the top to bottom one-eyed glances I actually managed to absorb during my 15 or so years in this industry, and kept myself immune to!

What’s with The ‘Suit’?

  • If its mere existence is to physically differentiate ‘Creative’ people from ‘Client servicing’ people, then I have nothing to add except that its just another ‘Dinosaur’ sign. One advise: You might as well tag your employees…works better and costs them less!
  • If it is to impress Clients, well don’t be fooled. Clients are actually more interested in what you have to say than in what you are wearing.  They will buy your idea if you’re in shorts and slippers but will never buy your nonsense because you’re all ‘Boss-ed’ up!
  • If it is about giving your agency a professional look, I have to admit, it does… The stiff look of a law firm!…Sounds like fun.

This can drag for a while but I guess you got the point.

The Label…Client Servicing: an ‘off –brief’, par excellence!

I guess whoever came up with this title, actually had in mind ‘Client Serving’…put nicely!

What’s with ‘Client servicing’?

And why get stuck with such boring and irrelevant Label? Does it really define what we do?

One thing for sure…it goes in pair with The Suit!

And don’t get me started on the endless ‘sub titles’, the Account executive, Account Manager, Account Supervisor and the list goes on and on and on, beyond departments and beyond reason!

OK so you got my point. I am not comfortable around suits and titles. They describe best what I always rebelled against:

Bureaucracy – Egos and Systems and most importantly, This big heavy weight that holds you from moving forward and quickly adapting to change.

This same heavy weight feeling that pushed me and a select few out of the Dinosaur’s realm and gave us the confidence to start up this Suit-less and Label-less place.

It feels good.

We’re having fun.

Bending the rules

Changing the game

Looking at things differently in a more simple, agile and honest way

While surrounding ourselves with exclusive top talented people.


If you’re tired of egos, systems, politics, mediocrity, department splits and regular early morning to past midnight hours…

If you’re spending your time and money on suits…

If you’re sick of labels, feeling ‘detached’

If  the first thing you check in the morning is your ‘leave your ego outside’ sign on the door of your office/cubical….

Then keep an open eye on us….

We may have something that suits you…:)

2 Comments on “Suits you?”

  1. Omar says:

    “I don’t believe in this specialization. Who said that there’s one breed of cat which is an account executive, and then there are the creative people – and they are quite different? This has been perpetuated by both sides for years. It’s nonsense.” Ogilvy

  2. Nisreen S says:

    I think most ad agencies got stuck in the “Mad Men” Era…..
    BTW love the pic with that blog :P

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