How important are the important things? Part 2 – The Connection Idea

My last article covered the importance of the connection brief and why it must be well researched and written, but without a good connection idea, your ad would never be able to standout amongst the competition.

What is a connection idea?

Its that single thought that has the ability to trigger and guide the creative mind down a certain path, most likely a path that hasn’t been travelled before. Its that single thought that makes a good brand succeed quick and a bad brand fail even quicker.

Why is the connection idea important?

Imagine yourself at a concert for Justin Bieber a very famous singer where there are thousands of fans. But imagine that singer performing without a microphone…..probably only the first 3-4 rows would be able to hear him and the rest of the fans would just be watching a man moving stupidly from the left to right and back. The connection idea is the microphone, its that one thing that can single handedly reach out to hundreds, thousands, and with todays technology, millions.

The connection idea gives the ad/campaign that extra crisp that’s needed to reach out to the consumer. Whether through humor or emotion, it gives the brand a much-needed personality to stand out in a world that is infested with ads (whether you believe it or not, they say we are exposed to around 3000 ads per day).

“Ladies and gentlemen, unless your advertising is built on a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.”

The perfect idea can and actually should get built from the perfect insight. To fully understand why people do what they do and act in a certain way is extremely important to fully understand the brand you represent. Stay tuned for Part 3 –> Are insights that insightful?

One Comment on “How important are the important things? Part 2 – The Connection Idea”

  1. corinne says:

    Like the way you think!
    looking forward for the next one.

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