The Sunday Times’ Social List

‘Social media users will no longer have to guess blindly who among them is the Number One social networker. UK-based newspaper the Sunday Times has unveiled “The Social List”, which determines a social networker’s “worth” through an algorithm designed to calculate social media across four major sites: Twitter, Facebok, LinkedIn, and Foursquare.’

As described on the site:

‘The Sunday Times Social List determines your wealth, not by how much money you make but by how rich you are socially. It does this by taking a look at your social networking activity and how much interest it generates amongst your friends and colleagues. It then uses this information to work out your worth and your place on the list.

[…] Once a day the system counts up your social networking activity (as well as your friends and colleagues’ responses to it) and assigns points to each interaction. The more you do and the more interactions you have, the more socially wealthy you’ll become.’

Join the Social List here

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