How important are the important things? Part 1 – The Connection Brief

“OK, so we need to prepare a press ad for Saks Fifth Avenue mentioning the below promotion”.

That was the first brief I wrote and I actually had the nerve to send it over to the creative team letting them know i was available for any questions. 10 minutes later they call me to come over to their desk, they actually printed out the brief I sent only for them to throw it in my face and gave me the lecture of a life time.

Details, I have come to realize that the creative team love details and more importantly, insights.

“The artist finds a greater pleasure in painting than in having a completed picture” Seneca

Who are we talking to you? How do they behave? What is a typical day for them? Likes & dislikes? All these questions where given to me to answer and all I can think was “this is a big waste of my time and how the hell does this help?” only to later realize that without any research, its practically impossible for the creative to do their work and if they do, it will most definitely be irrelevant.

The Brand Navigation team is much more than what people compare them to –> deliverymen. I truly believe that the connection brief is what can make or break a campaign and I think that is the most important part of my job (keeping the client happy comes as a close second).

Defining properly the objective of the brief, identifying the target audience while pin pointing their behavior, talking about the who’s, the what’s, the why’s and the how’s may all be cliché questions but are all necessary to build a foundation and to give the Creative a very simple idea of what it is they need to do.

How can the brief help?

Imagine yourself standing on the North Pole and are asked to go the to the South Pole. There is a 360-degree variation of roads you can choose to walk through, so, which way do you go? This is exactly the same thing that goes through the Creative’s mind when reading a poorly prepared brief.

Simply put, the connection brief is meant to pave and illuminate the road for their thoughts and to guide them down the right path.

All the points in the brief are important and should be well researched and written, but the most important part for me is the Connection idea where this will differentiate your communication from the rest and make it stand out. And behind a great idea is always a great Insight, or as we call it: ‘a Revelation”–> Stay tuned for Part 2 – The Connection idea.

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