Beyond your Slogan…

I was sitting with a friend few days back and she happens to be the CEO of a big company. We had a very interesting conversation as she had some doubts that her company, could in fact, one day, build a strong emotional connection with the consumer… She thought that it was easier for an FMCG to do that and harder on big corporate institutions – similar to the one she leads.

My answer was simple.

It’s all about going beyond your slogan and beyond the walls of your company.

It’s not about a well crafted print or TV ad.

It’s not about telling people that you care.

In fact, we are so immune to this, that we don’t hear or see anymore.

It’s mostly about integrating (without invading) into people’s lives.

Come as unexpected, create a surprise, improve their morning, lunchtime, afternoon, weekend or night in a nice subtle way and they will start connecting! Give them something, make them smile, without asking for anything in return. And do these things only because you believe in them, not because you have to….People have feelings and they can spot what’s fake.

Do that, and you’ll be one step closer to making a connection.

Have a heart…and make sure you use it.

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