Brands that move me to action.

As I mature, the brands that engage me (hence I will reward with my sales and loyalty) are those that benefit my health, wellbeing, my intellect, my family and the world around me. They tend to be cultural brands, magazines, journals, personalities (Jamie Oliver), bookstores, places, museums, even household products that have an inclusive and empathetic view of the world, and give back to the community or world at large, in an honest, transparent way.

I am loyal to Brands that I can interact with, and if I can interact with them to help a cause or belief I have then that’s even better.

So what I’m saying is that brands that engage me + are relevant to me + have a post-digital presence + have a consistent conversation with me + improve the world in some way + have an honest social point of view and social conscious are more likely to catch my attention and move me to action.

That’s not much to ask for is it?

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