I want one of those, please.

The growth phase of online

Two to four years ago digital/social was an emerging trend on the media scene in the region. Digital agencies were springing up on the cusp of a new wave. But, they still had a lot of work to do convincing clients (and agencies) about the role of digital and, developing ways to work within existing models.

But much has changed since then.

Digital and social media is no longer just for the innovators/early adopters.

Clients are now asking 'how do I incorporate digital into my plan?'

As the rush to get digital/social is now officially on, clients are no longer asking “do I need a digital campaign” but “how do I get a digital/social media strategy?” Digital is not just another ‘add on’ in the marketing mix, it has spurned a new way of working and a new marketing model.

Here are some of the topics making headlines in the last 2 days of my Twitter trend: “How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies”, “Twitter: 5 Business Case Studies”, “How To Take Your Company’s #Facebook Fan Page from Zero to 40,000 Fans”.

There is a great chasm between those that know, and those who don’t. The winners will be those who embrace the new technology by getting their hands dirty. Don’t wait for others to teach you how, start to learn by doing. And soon you will find that digital/social is just a way of life.

When the lifecycle takes its course, digital will be part of the conversation we are having. And just like in other media we still need to know – our brand tone of voice, our corporate/brand spirit, the added value we offer, the cut through of our creativity, whether we are reaching our target audience and the level of engagement with our content.

Digital enables us to reach our target audience more effectively. We can be in the numerous places our audience is in (context). Digital recognizes that one person can have widely different (and sometimes contradictory) habits – based on the category they are in, their state of mind and other factors – so it can have a conversation with them in that context.

People still want to be entertained and excited. They still want to connect and communicate. Digital/social media allows them to do this (and more). People still want to read the news and know what’s going on except now, more people read (and share) the news online rather than print.

How digital is permeating our life

So don’t ask your agency whether you need a digital campaign or how to get one, you need to learn by doing, experiment – go out and start a conversation with your audience.



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