Dislike? The end of Facebook?

‘Wow, this Brand is amazing! it’s got 1,276,345 likes!’

But what’s in a ‘like’ if it is not measured against something? Currently, FB is giving people just 2 options: either to ‘Like’ or to ‘be completely indifferent’ and ‘opinion-less’. What would happen if we’re given the options to ‘like’ & ‘dislike’?

For a start, the statement above could easily change to: ‘hmm, just 1,276,345 Likes vs 10,234,456 Dislikes…might as well consider a different brand!’

Would Brands / People love, accept or deal with that? This requires a bit of courage, integrity and guts, especially when this is mostly about ‘accepting’ the truth..even if it may hurt!

Only the most truthful Brands/People would welcome such a thing. But this will mean commitment. A commitment to accept the truth, deal with it, act upon it, have the necessary conversation with the public, invest, invest and invest to reach  a favorable Like / Dislike ratio.

And for Brands / people with no guts, the cheapest most cost effective alternative would be to avoid the risk, and probably start considering a more ‘Positive- feedback-selective-strategy’ Social channel.

Of course, a ‘Dislike’ option would also stop all cheap and petty tactics to earn ‘Likes’ coz at the end of the day, (and this is what I will do), these tactics would mostly lead to a ‘Dislike’ click :)

Of course, from FB’s perspective, its definitely not worth taking the risk of exposing its pages to people’s mercy and honest opinions… as this might lead to a migration to other social media…

You could have tons of research and meaningless focus groups etc…but this is simply a universal truth. Brands/People don’t like to be judged, unless its positive. And by giving the world the means to vote ‘unfavorably’, it will become harder on them to keep up and minimize their dislikes…coz that’s where the focus will be, on the dislikes rather than on the likes

So I doubt we’ll see anything like that soon…and we’ll keep on masking the truth…in a way or another.

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